Body update pt.2

My stomach is super flat today!  I’m 3 days into this cleanse and I’m seeing pretty quick results.  I’m doing it for 3 more days.  I’ve decided not to attend Bikram while on this cleanse. I almost passed out today in the middle of class.  Also Bikram brings me down (see previous post). I will be attending some easier yoga classes and toning down my personal practice for the next few days.  It’s too much- not eating food and working out a ton.  I get light-headed and dizzy.  Needa feel good.  Listening to my body!

Bikram Sux - my experience with Bikram yoga

I’ve been to four Bikram classes now.  And overall my experience has been shitty.  The practice IS very cleansing.. I’ll give them that.  I sweat in there like I’ve never sweat before. But the guy who invented the practiced is being sued hardcore right now.  For rape and sexual assault to his students.  The guy is a major creep.  I feel like his negative energy is connected to the practice.  Walking into that place you can just feel it… This wave of negativity hits you and you have to sweat in it for 90 minutes.  

Today I went to class with my mom… I was feeling sick halfway in and turned and told her.  The teacher said “Excuse me, what did you say?” My mom said “She’s feeling sick”.  The teacher responded “If you’re feeling sick lie down.  Do not talk during class!  Especially when you’re near the middle of the room.” I could not believe it…  The yoga classes with my teacher Eva are all so full of light and love and everyone’s spreading the good energy.  

The difference is night and day.  Bikram is good if you want to burn major calories and fat quick.  If you care about your energy at all I’d advise you not to go.  Maybe go once if you don’t believe me, so you can understand it for yourself… I feel like people don’t notice the bad energy.. or the STRONG taco meat smell wafting from the heated room.  Bikram just has a gross feeling.  I mean literally as well as figuratively.