This month

Sucked. Tbh. Really hoping October is better. Started my month off with the worst possible reaction to a scorpion sting. Leaving me with this terrible phobia and anxiety and my foot is still numb. The next week, I got my wisdom teeth out. And had a really hard time recovering from that…. I still haven’t healed up. I wore this stupid ice pack head wrap for 2 weeks. The next week had a terrible lymph system issue and had to stop taking my pain meds (ibuprofen). 3 days of headaches and swelling and pain in my neck and under arms. So I didn’t eat for a day, water fasted, made juice, green smoothies. Did a ton of headstands. And in a few days felt ok. Next week I catered 3 events and it was the most stressful 3 days. I got no sleep at all. I stayed up late prepping and woke up early every day. And went all around town shopping for groceries. This month, I also got stood up 3 times by this guy I’ve been dying to go out with… I don’t know how to get rid of this negative energy. I’m blocked off. More yoga I guess…. I’m going to try and sleep.

In class right now

Writing a creative non-fiction piece on how I ruined Christmas one year