Scorpion sting


The past 19 hours have been HELL. Last night, I got home late, around 1. I thought my night was shitty already, (the guy I’ve been crushing on turned out to be an idiot basically) but it got so much worse. I was in the kitchen washing my hands and i felt a sharp pain in my foot. I didn’t even question, i knew it was a scorpion even though I’ve never been stung before.

My mom got me an ice pack to hold on my foot and i had her take a picture of the scorpion for proof lol. OF COURSE i get stung by one of the most deadly scorpions in the world, the Arizona Bark Scorpion. After a couple of minutes, the pain was all the way up my leg. My throat and nose closed up a little, making it difficult to breathe. I laid down with my foot up wrapped in an ice pack. But the pain didn’t get any better. My stomach began hurting and my whole body started tingling like it was “asleep”. Slightly numb all over. When my vision screwed up i started getting really scared. Everything was darting around so fast. I couldn’t keep my eyes still. My lips went numb. My face and eyes and neck went numb. When i tried drinking water it tasted so disgusting. I forced it down. The taste was bitter and powdery. It was hard to physically swallow, and still is. Walking became so difficult. My knees were swollen up. And i was so dizzy and had the worst headache from my eyes darting around. I couldn’t walk straight and had to be helped up the stairs.

I laid down. hoping to fall asleep. I took 4 Ibuprofen, 2 Tylenol, and 2 Benadryl. I can’t image what it would’ve felt like without the drugs. I couldn’t control my movements. My head and neck were twitching and my legs were shaking.  My body felt freezing cold. All night, i was kicking my legs and tossing and turning and couldn’t stop crying. I could fall asleep for a couple minutes but would wake up kicking and hyperventilating with the craziest muscle spasms. My night was hell. I couldn’t stop scratching my head and ears and face, i couldn’t feel it.

My fingertips and toes were ( and still are) especially sensitive. Every time i would touch something my fingers would shake uncontrollably. I feels like touching the screen of your phone with you vibrate touch settings on, but more intense. I couldn’t text my boss this morning because i couldn’t aim my fingers on the screen. So i had my mom text her for me. I couldn’t see the words on the screen either. I texted my mom last night thinking i told her the pain was worse. this is what the text reads: “Yes wack yit its getting s ezd worsr”. hahah….

People say scorpion stings are similar to a bee or wasp sting but thats bullshit. Ive been stung by a bee AND a wasp and with both, experienced little pain. I’m creeping up on 20 hours and right now my left foot is completely numb. My face and neck are partially numb. My body has the “asleep” tingling feeling throughout and my fingertips and toes are still vibrating. My vision is almost back to normal, but i feel like its getting bad again. 

I never wear shoes. I hate wearing shoes. but now I’m going to wear them, even inside my house. I can’t imagine getting stung again. All i did today was sleep. i feel like i wasted the whole day. I was supposed to hang out with my friend and go to this show/jam sesh. and now i can’t do anything. Im so frustrated. WEAR SHOES.

Creative writing

Supposed to write a poem for class but I’m not very confident in my writing skills. I think I’m really cheesy. I’ll post it anyway, when I’m done. I need input I guess.



vande gurunam charanaravinde
sandarsita svatmasukhava bodhe
nihsreyase jangalikayamane
samsara halahala mohasantyai

abahu purusakaram
sankhacakrasi dharinam
sahasra sirasam svetam
pranamami patanjalim

Give me something real

I want to be held in someone’s arms. I want to be kissed good and loved good and share real feelings with a real person. But two real people sharing real emotions is a real hard thing to find. 

The party life, play life, isn’t my thing. 


school 8:30 - 8:30

just finished my homework

what a long day


sext: i’m going vegan

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what a good